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Condell Park, NSW. A short history

Located just 22 km south-west of Sydney's city centre, Condell Park is a small suburb with a history spanning back to the early-19th century. It all started when Ousley Condell moved the area with thirteen other settlers in 1829. They were granted 50-acres of adjoining lots, which were called Condell Park. 

Edgar Street 1984 - Photo Source: Bankstown City Library

Black Charlie's Hill, the highest point in the area, is often one of the focal points of tales of its residents past. It was named after Charles Lopez or Luscon. A man of aboriginal descent, he fired a shot precisely at 9pm every evening, though nobody ever discovered why. 
Picture: Black Charlies HIll, 1930 - Photo Source: Bankstown City Library

Another interesting historical fact about Condell Park, the suburb is home to the Bankstown Bunker. An exact replica of an English wartime ops room, the bunker rests beneath a series of properties at the end of Taylor Street. It's about two-stories tall and features plotting, coding and radio transmission rooms, plus two escape tunnels. The bunker is now inaccessible as arsonists set fire to it in 1972.
Bankstown Bunker - Photo Source: Bankstown City Library

One other interesting historical fact about the area is that this surburb was once the site of a proposed railway extension around the Bankstown area. The map below, an old print out provide to us by a member, shows where the railway line would have been. 

Today, Condell Park has grown into a vibrant suburb featuring a commercial area, thousands of houses, and of course Club Condell Park, which was established as Bankstown Trotting and Recreational Club in 1962,