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The History of Rock and Roll

The history of rock and roll spans all the way back to the 1940s and 1950s when the now-popular music genre first begun evolving. Though much debate is present as to its origins, historians generally agree that rock and roll's humble beginnings trace back to Southern United States. Saxophones and pianos were often the lead instrument during the early days, though the guitar swiftly replaced them in the 1950s. Today, a classic rock and roll band will be comprised of a lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and drums. 

Much more than just a music genre, rock and roll has influenced lifestyles. Cars, dating, fashion, and school were all topics covered and influenced by rock and roll music. Listeners could often relate to the lyrics of many songs - it aimed to talk about topics people generally kept quiet about. Even topics such as sex eventually made their way into songs, a generally taboo subject at the time.

Rock and roll began to spread across international boarders during the 1950s. Being culturally similar to the United States, Britain was the first accept the new music genre with open arms. Cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Manchester all embraced the new craze rather quickly, around about the same time the British blues scene developed. Today rock and roll has touched the whole world in one way or another, and is one of its most popular music genres. 

Club Condell Park has had an established rock and roll scene for decades. Thursday, Friday and Sunday have all popularly been dedicated to what is arguable the world's greatest music genre. Check out this rock and roll gig guide to get your weekly fix.